Duinkerken Consultancy.


DC is a tax consulting office focused on innovating the market in annual financial statements tax returns. Our collaborating partners are trained in Accountancy, among other things, and have years of experience within this sector. Our team specializes in accounting law and taxation. From sole proprietorships to limited liability companies with holding structures, we know what to do.


We focus particularly on the larger companies that are not subject to audit. After all, that is where we can make the most difference. Even for sole proprietors and smaller businesses, our method is proven to be more effective, thus more beneficial. In addition, you will receive more information that is of real use to you.


Our mission is to take care of the annual work for you in the most effective and efficient manner. So that you as a business owner get more from the numbers. Duinkerken Consultancy is driven in the form of a sole proprietorship by Ben Duinkerken. He is a member of the Register of Tax Advisers. His Linkedin page can be found here .

Ben Duinkerken

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Honesty and Transparency.


There is only 1 fair price for your annual work and that is the time it should reasonably take. We therefore always send you a clear hourly report so you always know what we did and how long it took. Do you prefer a fixed amount? Then, of course, this is also possible by mutual agreement!

Expert Advice.


We guarantee quality advice for your annual work. In exceptionally complex situations, we enlist the help of professional third parties. This way, you pay for specific knowledge only in exceptional cases. And no standard premium fee for work where it’s unrequired.

Quick Response Times.


We strive to answer your daily (tax) questions within 24 hours. Absurd wait times of a week or more are simply not-done within our office. In addition, you often pay nothing at all for phone calls or e-mail traffic. We are not going to clock you on minutes. That’s service.