First-time relationships will recognize a trend.

Ben never stays too long at 1 office address. Yet that trend now seems to have come to an end and that 6 times is the charm.

In fact, DC has moved to Paardeweide 7 in Westerveld Township. And we are very happy about that!

From this location I may continue to expand my practice and work on my mission: to be a highly skilled legal sparring partner for the ZZP/MKB entrepreneur, for an affordable and transparent price.

Although hard work has been done over the past few years – would not have been possible without your trust. By being allowed to think along in complex cases and support in cutting through knots, I have further developed into a full-fledged all-round sparring partner for the SME entrepreneur. Thank you for that.

Although the practice is far from complete, it does have an office space and a working coffee maker. Should you have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee or want to come and discuss something, you are of course welcome.

Not yet a client but looking for an innovative tax advisor? Even then, of course, you are welcome. An introduction costs you nothing but can save you a lot of stress and money.

Looking forward to seeing you!