Answers to the most frequently asked questions!

Why is this solution better than an accounting firm?
An accounting firm is bound by onerous laws and regulations particularly intended for large corporations. For an SME entrepreneur, those laws and regulations don’t add much. Still, it comes at your expense if you have the financial statements prepared by a certified public accounting firm. A Registered Tax Advisor (RB) is not bound by the legal rules governing the accounting profession. What a RB does stand for is quality advice. This allows us to work more efficiently without you sacrificing quality.


Why should I switch when I have been with my current advisor for a long time?
Your current advisor is undoubtedly also good at his job, but after a few years, the proactive and critical attitude still wanes. This leaves any opportunities and threats unidentified, which is unfortunate. Switching to a different firm will bring a fresh perspective to your business, as well as an assessment of what can be done within your company from a different angle. By the way, “switching” is not a chore at all; we know exactly what data is needed for a smooth transition. If your advisor’s file is in order, it can be sent within 15 minutes.

Why Duinkerken Consultancy and no other firm?
Because no office offers the same service as we do. We deliver more (additional report with concrete areas for improvement), we deliver it more economically (more efficient working methods), we deliver it more transparently (clear description of hours on invoices). So by becoming a client with us, you improve the quality of your annual work, for a more economical & transparent price.
To create optimal cooperation, we also invest a lot of time in you. We do this by sitting down at the beginning of the relationship and discussing your goals. This conversation costs you nothing so you can express all your ideas/wishes. Based on your objectives, we provide targeted proactive advice.


What is the Register of Tax Advisors?
The Register of Tax Advisers (RB) is a professional organization with more than 7,000 tax advisors. Ben Duinkerken is affiliated with this organization so you can rest assured that you are getting recognized and quality advice. Also, the RB offers legal support together with a qualitative network of all kinds of professional advisors. Ongoing training ensures this quality.