Our distinctive value


The past 3 months seem like 3 weeks. During that time, the core of our message has become more and more refined. In addition, practice has shown us that we stand out well in areas, of which we were unaware at the start! We are extremely happy with this great start, and so we would like to share it with you. We do this by pointing out the flaws within the current market… Boring way but well, it’s still taxes & financial statements.

Miss 1: Customer contact with advisor deters because it results in a bill
Many business owners find that they cannot go to their advisor with their questions. This is because every minute of customer contact, often follows in an invoice. We bill customer contact as minimally as possible. Therefore, mail/phone contact, for example, is free. This way, you can be 100% sure of your business without being isolated from involved advice. A good feeling, then.

Miss 2: Advisor is not involved with entrepreneur
Thinking with the entrepreneur is also a quality that many entrepreneurs miss in their advisor. We are proactively advising you throughout the year free of charge. We are happy to think along with your ambitions & needs, and distinguish ourselves very well in quality, customer orientation & approachability. You pay us only for the execution of work, the run-up to it is often free. A specialist is called in for highly complex assignments, so you pay for expensive fees only when needed, and not on an ongoing basis.

Gap 3: Consultant’s price justification is not clear
In practice, billing is often done without a justification for costs. This is strange because time records are kept daily. This lists exactly what work was done. By understanding this, you have a better sense of the work done, and can better mirror this to the value you get in return.

The solution
Find an advisor who is personally motivated and driven to make a difference for you. Who sends transparent and honest invoices, and thinks in your best interests as much as possible. We live up to the aforementioned with every client. Have you become curious about possibilities? If so, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to speak with you in a free no-obligation consultation, where we can get better acquainted and spar about your options. 06 121 39 865, you can only improve.