Your full-service office

DC is the place to go for all your accounting and tax needs. We specialize in tax law and the preparation of financial statements. On an ongoing basis, we think proactively with the entrepreneur to achieve the best result. Get in touch with us, we would love to help you!

Financial Statements

We guarantee you financial statements that comply with laws and regulations, and are classified according to your requirements. You will also receive a supplemental report of all findings regarding tax risks, potential cost reductions and revenue-enhancing opportunities.

Tax returns

Our team handles all your tax matters such as income tax, corporate tax, VAT and payroll administration. Using tax software, we optimize your tax return which in some cases can save thousand(s) of euros on an annual basis. This is virtually impossible with IRS software.

Sparring Partner

In addition to constantly striving for the best tax advice, we are also your sparring partner for general matters. We ask the right questions and give our honest reflection. Happy to get in touch with you, you with us?

Administrative Support

We provide customized advice on which method of administration best suits your business. From ZZP to SMEs. Our team is broadly experienced with administrative programs such as Exact Online, Reeleezee, Accountview, Snelstart and more.